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This is a terrific DVD!!

You have encapsulated many of the discussions and questions drummers have had about bass drum technique for years and laid it all out clearly. It’s easy enough for a beginner to follow, but still demonstrates a well-defined technique that advanced students and pros can benefit from.”

– Ron Tierno
Numerous Broadway shows, including Cats and La Cage aux Folles

Imagine a powerful and controlled approach to playing the bass drum, finally……..

It is so worth the time and study………. a relaxed and yet focused sound awaits you.

Matt knows exactly what he is doing……. watch the video and come see him do it in person.”

– Michael T.
Latin Grammy Award nominee

Matt Ritter has really done his homework. I was so impressed with this DVD, especially because it has provided more specific educational information than any drum DVD I can remember. There is so much good and practical information that probably answers most of the questions you have on bass drum technique. I learned a lot and also looked at some topics I had not thought about!”

– Dan Britt
Acclaimed drumming educator
Drum TV Show

Dear Matt,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your video. It is exactly what I hoped it would be. Your approach to bass drum technique and set up are similar to my own. I use the xxxxx (famous drummer’s name removed) “xxxxxxxxx” (video name removed) for hands with my students, but the bass drum section is worthless as far as I am concerned.

I find the use of videos helps reinforce what we discuss in the lesson and allows a visual reference in between lessons. Your video is the one I have been looking for. Which brings me to my question. How can the drum shop I teach at (xxxxxxxxxxx) purchase your video to keep in stock for my students? Please let me know how we can work this out.

Thanks again for a superior job with the video. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Also, please feel free to call me directly at xxxxxxxxx.


– Jason F.
Florida, USA

I want to thank you for this DVD and the thoroughness of it. I have been playing for years and have always struggled with bass drum issues, mostly playing heel own and playing jazz, having unclean doubles, and then trying to play heel up for rock and feeling unbalanced. I am a Berklee graduate and drummer/teacher in the L.A area. This not only has helped my playing but my teaching as well.”

– Joe S.
California, USA

Hi Matt!

I’m Ignacio. Don’t know if you remember me, but I wrote you several days ago asking for some info regarding shipment issues of your DVD.

Well, my brand new copy arrived three days ago , and since then I can only play it over and over again while air-drumming slowly, trying to feel that hip lift, or playing in the practice pad.

In one word, I would say that this material is astonishing. Do not feel like I’m re-learning nothing… I feel like I’m gradually unlocking my legs to execute patterns with total relaxation.

Although I play rock, heavy rock, progressive metal among other styles, I am no longer worried about the speed issue, and I will tell you why: since I have your DVD, I realized that it will be a matter of time to reach to that awesome tempos that my favorite drummers nail. IT IS THE FIRST TIME in my whole drumming life that I feel I’m learning something correctly and that pays off since the first couple of tries… relaxation… pure relaxation and good sound out of the bass drums.

I am also a double bass player and if it helps you, I will say that practice Unburying The Beater with both feet separately in the same session unconsciously brings up coordination necessary to execute a double bass pattern. For now I will stay with slow tempos because I want to strengthen the basic mechanics of this awesome concept.

Think I will never be able to thank you enough for these teachings. I am a self taught drummer, at least hand wise, but fortunately I am no more on the feet.

If you do not mind, I will email you with my achievements so you can see my progress from the beginning to a certain level of expertise.

Thanks for all Matt.”

– Ignacio N.
Madrid, Spain

Hi Matt,

I have now had your DVD for 2 weeks (only took 4 days to get here). I watched the DVD and immediately started practicing…I felt very natural and was soon practicing that motion from 80 to 150 bmp with the 6 to 1 exercise. As you specified in the DVD I took note of the feel of the 2 stroke exercise (from the 6 to 1) and found that almost immediately my 16th note doubles improved. My stability on the kit also improved…The ideas…also made my doubles much stronger. I’ll be continuing to practice your ideas and I’m looking forward to seeing how far they take me. I’m finding your technique to be almost second nature on gigs already which is great.

Thanks heaps.”

– Tony B.
Sydney, Australia

Like a mad musical scientist examining every nuance and detail, Matt Ritter brilliantly dissects the techniques and mechanics of bass drumming to illustrate how anyone can play bass drum notes as cleanly and powerfully as hand strokes. The ease and applicability of the video and its exercises has encouraged me to get a foot pedal and bass drum practice pad so I can practice at home. In only a short time, I can already feel an enhanced sense of speed, control and fluidity in my bass drum playing. Unburying The Beater is an invaluable tool for any drummer.”

– Anthony D.
New York, USA

Dear Matt,

Well, I’ve been working on your concepts for almost a month now. WOW! You have really accomplished something terrific for drumset players. I notice a great improvement in my technique already! The material is 100 percent clear, concise, and to the point. I know that word will spread.

Again, thanks Matt for the excellent DVD,”

– Dan G.
Pennsylvania, USA

Excellent DVD; very clear with great examples and clear shots of the foot.

I have been drumming for years and I still got a lot out of this DVD.


– Tom W.
Wisconsin, USA


Great Video…I’m working at it. This past weekend did two local Tampa gigs and screwed around with the seat height a little but getting the fundamentals. Thanks again…It was great to finally get “instruction” instead of xxxxxx, xxxx, etc. (famous drummers’ names removed) just showing off and soloing…Awesome job!!! I spend some time in NY/NJ. Maybe I can catch a lesson w/you sometime.”

– John B.
Florida, USA

Hi Matt,

WOW!!! Your DVD is fantastic and worth the wait. Matt, the information and lessons on the DVD are inspirational. I’ve got heaps to practice, but you make it seem very achievable. Thanks again for your wonderful work, Matt.


– Keith B.
Brisbane, Australia

Follow-up letter 10 days later

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to let you know how well my bass drum technique is progressing. All I can say is that you’re an amazing teacher who understands the frustration drummers experience. I truly feel with your instruction, I have finally got the answers I’ve been searching for with bass drum technique (sounds like a religious experience). I’m actually enjoying playing songs that used to frustrate me. Your DVD covers so many areas of relevance (eg. using heel down and going to ‘unburying the beater’ for the doubles – this works perfectly for Billy Joel’s ‘Still Rock n Roll to Me'(sounds easy, but can be tricky).

Bye for now,”

– Keith B.
Brisbane, Australia

Hi Matt,

Your DVD is so obviously destined for fame, that it makes one wish you had a professional marketing firm or publicity agent to get the word out more rapidly.

It seems to me a feature article about the DVD in a major magazine may be in order.”

– Robert G.
New York, USA

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